Kasku is a server-based electronic money system. Kasku apps is mobile application that will replace your physical wallet as a means of payment and transaction. Download and Install the Kasku application on your smartphone, top up the Kasku balance, then trust the security of transacting with Kasku apps.




Pay2u is the financial technology company, focusing on Payment Initiation and/or Acquiring Services (PIAS). The core business is running on payment transaction for any electronic commerce. Pay2u helping customer or merchant to processing the authority of the transaction using electronic money or others online payment channel.




2Pay is the financial technology company, focusing the switching solutions for Biller Aggregator. 2Pay systems will facilitates data communication between service providers (billers) and the Collecting Agent to realize bill payments and / or purchases made online through various Delivery Channels from the Collecting Agent. In 2019, 2Pay already connected to one of the largest bank In Indonesia.




2secure is an innovative system integrator and technology provider established to provide companies, organizations and governments with leading – edge intelligent technical solutions and consulting services to enable compliance efficient and effective secure access and communication.




Kaskita is an Android-based PPOB application and a web browser used by agents in the downline system to accept multi-biller bill payments and purchase various types of digital products at competitive prices, online, easy, safe, and fast.
Using a deposit scheme, Kaskita is equipped with a deposit sharing or transfer deposit feature in the same download group to make it easier for Agent Managers to manage deposits of agents who are on their downlines.